Take action today to empower your mental health.

Bouncing back from life’s curveballs takes skills. Resilience is built from a foundation of self-awareness, self-care and communication. Recognizing mental health concerns early and knowing how to respond is key to keeping our minds and communities healthy.

Community Cares is a NAMI Ventura County-designed pilot program. The 2-hour program is built to introduce evidence and experience-based mental health education with a focus on wellness, recovery and hope. The tone of the presentation is casual. Presenters cover the importance of mental health and wellness, common diagnoses and treatment, self-care and communication skills, and introduce NAMI’s resources and programs. The seminar/webinar will be taught by a team of two trained individuals. Both family members and peers will be trained as facilitators and bring personal experience navigating mental illness and recovery to the presentation.

Participants receive a workbook designed to augment the presentation. The participant workbook encourages mental health awareness as well as encouraging participants to explore and practice the skills covered in Community Cares.

Every single person can benefit from building skills designed to support mental wellness. The goal of Community Cares is to help participants recognize, acknowledge and address mental health concerns as early as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Who benefits from Community Cares? Everyone. Healthy minds build strong communities.
What does the program include? This two-hour presentation includes a participant workbook filled with information and exercises designed to empower mental wellness.
Who teaches Community Cares? Both family members and people living in recovery with mental health conditions have trained as facilitators. Each presenter brings personal experience navigating mental illness and recovery to the presentation.
How much does this program cost? Absolutely nothing! NAMI Ventura County programs are always free to participants. Access to mental health education and support is a firmly-held foundation of NAMI.
When & where will Community Cares be available? NAMI Ventura County is planning to offer Community Cares to the public approximately twice a month beginning in October 2020 as a Zoom-based webinar.
*While COVID-19 social distancing is in effect, Community Cares will be offered exclusively in webinar format. Should you have questions or concerns regarding your ability to participate in a webinar, please contact program coordinator Kimberly Quinn at kimberly@namiventura.org.

Registration Note: Space is limited for NAMI Ventura County webinars. In order to maintain class sizes, we ask that each person who will attend the program registers in advance. If you cannot attend the class after registering, please contact the office to cancel or reschedule. Webinars are live and will not be recorded.

Please note this program is currently only being offered for people who live, work, or go to school in Ventura County.

Community Cares Webinar