Community Cares Webinar

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Community Cares is a NAMI Ventura County-designed pilot program. The 2-hour program is built to introduce evidence and experience-based mental health education with a focus on wellness, recovery and hope. The tone of the presentation is casual. Presenters cover the importance of mental health and wellness, common diagnoses and treatment, self-care and communication skills, and introduce NAMI’s resources and programs. The seminar/webinar will be taught by a team of two trained individuals. Both family members and peers will be trained as facilitators and bring personal experience navigating mental illness and recovery to the presentation.

This presentation of Community Cares is being given in partnership with St. Julie Billiart Catholic Church. Registration is open to the public.

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Hourly Schedule

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Monday Nov 07 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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