Our stories are powerful tools.


Whether we are family members or individuals living with mental health challenges, giving voice to our experience actively fosters change. Our stories are not just words. They have the ability to shape public narrative and public policy. Told effectively, with calm and brave honesty, our experiences illustrate the realities of living with complicated mental illnesses far better than facts and figures ever could. NAMI Ventura County’s Storytelling for Advocacy & Impact Workshop is designed to help you craft your story for advocacy-focused public speaking.


In this workshop:

Write a concise and compelling version of your story.

Determine your public policy “ask”.

Practice delivering your persuasive presentation.

Receive coaching to hone your writing and public speaking skills.


Storytelling for Advocacy & Impact

Saturday, March 21 2-5pm

NAMI Ventura County, 555 Airport Way, Suite F, Camarillo 93010


Workshop will be limited to 15 participants. 


Workshop Application: Storytelling for Advocacy & Impact