The Board of Directors provided an update to membership at the September 13th General meeting and had an open dialogue with members who presented concerns leading up to this meeting.  Many thanks goes to all who participated and contributed in a positive way.  We welcome any member who would be willing to serve on Standing Board Committees as we endeavor to strengthen our outreach to family members who need our help through the Support, Education and Advocacy that we strive so hard to provide. 

For those members who were not able to be present, please see the list of information which was provided. We will be posting links to these materials on the web site.

5 Accompishments


A “LUNCH AND LEARN” workshop series will be kicking off in the near future touching on topics of interest to the membership and community.  Topics such as:

  • NAMI Budget Basics
  • What Board of Directors do & why you should consider serving
  • Local and National Advocacy issues
  • Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)-what is it and how can my loved one benefit