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NAMI Provider is a 4-hour staff development program for health care professionals who work directly with people experiencing mental illness. It’s important to understand the unique challenges people and families experience when facing a mental health challenge: social isolation, complex family dynamics and the unpredictability of illness.

This program offers the tools health care professionals need to combine the medical and recovery models of care so you can better serve your clients. It’s designed to help enhance the relationships you have with the person in your care, and with their family. This 4-hour seminar is based on the NAMI Provider curriculum.

The members of the teaching team have experienced mental illness firsthand. They will help you understand the importance of establishing a partnership with the person and their family to help them on their way towards wellness and recovery. The three-person teaching team is made up of one mental health professional who also either is a family member of someone with a mental illness, or has a mental illness; one family member of a person with a mental illness; and one person living well in recovery with a mental illness.

The goals for the seminar are that participants will:

• Understand NAMI’s mission and the types of programs we offer

• Recognize the traumatic impact that mental illness has on the person and the family, even in times of wellness

• View lived experience as an important perspective that enhances the care health care professionals provide

• Learn about the collaborative model of care and how to incorporate it into their treatment services

• Learn the emotional stages of response to mental illness experienced by the individual and their family

• Identify why health care professionals may want to refer families and caregivers to NAMI programs

The NAMI Provider Education Program presents a penetrating, subjective view of family and consumer experiences with serious mental illness to staff at public agencies or private practitioners, who work directly with people with severe and persistent mental illness.This training course is for any mental health professional, including case managers, residential care givers, front office staff, R.N.’s, psychologists, homeless outreach workers, vocational rehabilitation and job counselors, club house programmers, psychiatrists, therapists, and all those who serve individuals with serious mental illness.

The purpose of the program is to help service providers better understand and support individuals with serious mental illnesses and their families. The NAMI Provider Education Program is appropriate for psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, case managers, residential care givers, homeless outreach workers, vocational rehabilitation and job counselors, front office staff, clubhouse programmers, therapists, and all those who serve individuals with mental illness.

 One course participant wrote:

“An extraordinary experience! The approach of having providers learn from family members and those living with mental illness is really eye-opening. I will tell my colleagues that until they attend this course, they don’t have a clear and true picture of what those living with mental illness, their families, and their friends endure while they are battling their illness. But after the course, they will.” 

Enrollment is restricted to paid staff or professionals who have been providing services to clients for at least one year.
Please Note: NAMI Ventura County’s 10-hour classroom-based Provider Education Program is expected to be offered again when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. We encourage you to register for the webinar in the meantime and consider taking the longer Provider Education course when it become available again later in the year.