What is the NAMI Family & Friends Webinar?


NAMI Family & Friends is a free webinar that informs and supports family members, partners, friends and significant others who have loved ones with a mental health condition. Participants learn about diagnoses, treatment, recovery, communication strategies, crisis preparation and NAMI resources. Webinar leaders are also family members and know what it is like to have a loved one with a mental health condition.

Registration Note: Space is limited for NAMI Ventura County webinars. In order to maintain class sizes, we ask that each person who will attend the program registers in advance. If you cannot attend the class after registering, please contact the office to cancel or reschedule. Webinars are live and will not be recorded.

*While COVID-19 social distancing is in effect, Family & Friends will be offered exclusively in webinar format. Should you have questions or concerns regarding your ability to participate in a webinar, please contact program coordinator Kimberly Quinn at kimberly@namiventura.org.


Family & Friends Seminar