Executive Director

David Deutsch is an LCSW/MSW and Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor.  He earned his MSW from CSU Long Beach in May of 2010. He is a CAADE Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor with and additional certification to work with persons coming out of the criminal justice system. David has worked as a Clinical Director and as a therapist in programs that treat persons with mental health challenges and/or substance use disorders.  He has worked extensively with persons coming out of county jails, state prison, and federal prison.  He is also the President of The Client Network, which is a Ventura County Based organization that advocates for persons who have mental health challenges.  David is a member of several workgroups and task forces in Ventura County.  He is a strong advocate for all persons who are disenfranchised, especially those coming out of situations of incarceration.  He has written an article on Prison Education that was published in 2004; the article has been used as course material for classes in Criminology and Sociology. David has received awards from the Ventura County Mental Health Board and from the Ventura County Parole Police and Corrections Team for outstanding community service.