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Anthony (Tony) Rini

Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, and Friend,  Anthony “Tony” Rini suddenly passed from this world on May 19th  at age 77. 

A longtime Conejo Valley resident, Anthony moved to the area in 1963, establishing deep community roots, raising a family of boys, starting several successful auto repair businesses and many years of involvement at local schools, befriending hundreds of neighbors, customers, teachers and students along the way. 

Anthony was born in Cleveland, OH in 1938 to Charlie and Angelina Rini who later moved to Los Angeles where Anthony met his wife Brenda in 1958 on Catalina Island, or as he liked to say “We met Overseas”.   A sheet metal worker with a talent for fixing and racing automobiles, they married in April 1959 and moved to Thousand Oaks to raise their three boys in 1963.  

By 1966 Anthony was a master auto mechanic and partnered with a long time friend to open an Enco Gas Station in Newbury Park. They quickly outgrew the small station and opened their own automotive repair garage where he earned a reputation as the most trusted and respected mechanic in the Conejo Valley. Later in life as a second career, Anthony enjoyed working at a local junior high school interacting with the students and staff while taking care of the campus maintenance. 

Along his journey of life, he touched the lives of many with a genuine interest in their lives, a tremendous generosity – often a quick low or no cost repair of a broken car or other item – and a constant dedication to his family, friends and work. He particularly delighted in teaching and mentoring the dozens of young, apprentice mechanics who worked with him. A mild mannered, trusting and gentle soul, Anthony was truly loved and respected by everyone who knew him. A true patriarch, he loved nothing more than  opening the family home for family gatherings, social events and parties, or to anyone needing a place to stay or share a meal. 

Anthony enjoyed many activities, mostly simple pleasures bike riding with friends, televised sports especially his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, camping and boating and annual trips to Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe  But his main passion was always cars – restoring classic cars for his family, talking about them with friends, or repairing them for his customers. His diagnostic skills even before the days of computers, was legendary and he would often spending hours researching complex technical manuals when needed. He may not have remembered all the names of the thousands of customers who came to him, but he could always remember the make and model of your car and what had needed fixing. 

Tony is survived by his wife Brenda, sons Ken, Kevin and his wife Suzanne Rini, Keith and his wife Dena Rini, a brother Michael and his wife Mary Rini , a sister Joanne and her husband John Baker and five grandchildren. 

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